World Current Affairs MCQs

1. Sabah al-Ahmad al-Jaber al-Sabah was the 15th Ruler of Kuwait and the 6th Emir of the State of Kuwait died on:
(a) 29th Sept 2020
(b) 25th August 2020
(c) 25th Sept 2020
(d) 29th August 2020

2.Which country will host the OIC foreign ministers meeting in 2021?
(a) Qatar
(b) Pakistan
(c) UAE
(d) Kuwait

3. In Myanmar which party has won the majority in election results?
(a) Janata Dal (United) Abbreviation
(b) Union Solidarity and Development Party
(c) Arakan National Party
(d) National League for Democracy

4. How many electoral college votes did Donald Trump get in US Elections 2020?
(a) 298
(b) 232
(c) 306
(d) 302

5. How many electoral college votes did Joe Biden get and become US President?
(a) 298
(b) 278
(c) 306
(d) 302

6.  Joe Biden is the oldest US president ever to enter office. What is the age of Joe Biden?
(a) 88
(b) 78
(c) 68
(d) 72

7. How many electoral votes out of 538 are needed to win US Presidency elections?
(a) 288
(b) 278
(c) 290
(d) 270

8.  Joe Biden has been elected the ________ president of the United States:
(a) 48th
(b) 45th
(c) 46th
(d) 44th

9. Joe Biden belongs to which American Political Party? 
(a) Democratic Party
(b) Republican Party
(c) Minor American parties
(d) None of these

10.  Who won US Elections 2020?
(a) Donald Trump
(b) Joe Biden
(c) Henry Clinton
(d) Jo Jorgensen

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