Physics MCQs

SI unit of flux density is____________________?

A. NA-1m-1
B. NAm-1
C. NmA-1
D. NmA-2

The standard vector symbol for flux density is ____________________?

A. M
B. L
C. H
D. B

An electron enters a region where the electric field E is perpendicular to the magnetic field B. It will suffer no deflection if_________________?

A. E = BeV
B. B = eE/V
C. E = BV
D. E = BeV/2

An instrument which can measure potential without drawing any current is_____________________?

A. voltmeter
B. galvanometer
C. cathode ray oscilloscope (CRO)
D. ammeter

When the coil of the galvanometer is in equilibrium then the deflecting couple is____________________?

A. zero
B. equal to the restoring couple
C. greater than the restoring couple
D. smaller than the restoring couple

Which one of the following is not an electromechanical instrument ?

A. galvanometer
B. voltmeter
C. ammeter
D. AC transformer and DC generator

In a multi range ammeter as the range increases _____________________?

A. shunt value decreases
B. shunt value increases
C. shunt value remains the same
D. none of the above

A sensitive galvanometer gives full-scale deflection with 100 mV. If the resistance of the galvanometer is 50? the maximum current that can flow through safely is__________________?

A. 2.0 mA
B. 20 mA
C. 200 mA
D. 0.2 mA

Coil of a galvanometer is suspended in a radial magnetic field so that the deflecting torque on the coil is always___________________?

A. BINA cosa
B. BINA sina
C. BINA tana

A galvanometer basically is an instrument used to ____________________?

A. detect current in a circuit
B. measure current flowing through a circuit
C. measure voltage across a circuit
D. measure potential difference between two points in a circuit

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