Physics MCQs

Physics Mcqs for Test Preparation from Basic to Advance. Physics Mcqs are from the different sections of Physics. Here you will find Mcqs of Physics and quantum physics subject from Basic to Advance. Which will help you to get higher marks in Physics subject. These Mcqs are useful for students and job seekers i.e MCAT ECAT ETEA test preparation, PPSC Test, FPSC Test, SPSC Test, KPPSC Test, BPSC Test, PTS, OTS, GTS, JTS, CTS, NTS        .

The escape velocity of a body in gravitational field of earth is independent of__________________?

A. its mass
B. the angle at which it is thrown
C. both its mass and the angle at which it is thrown
D. gravitational field of earth

The source of geothermal energy is___________________?

A. decay of radioactive element in the earth
B. compression of material in the earth
C. residual lost of the earth
D. all as said in A – B and C

Work done by the force of friction is____________________?

A. always positive
B. always negative
C. positive only for small frictional force
D. positive only for large frictional force

If velocity is doubled then__________________?

A. momentum increases 4 times and K.E increases 2 times
B. momentum and K.E. remain same
C. momentum increases 2 times and K.E increases constant
D. momentum increases 2 times and K.E increases 4 time

Which of the following is not conservative force_________________?

A. friction
B. electric
C. gravitational
D. magnetic

The consumption of energy by a 60 watt bulb in 2 sec is_________________?

A. 120 J
B. 60 J
C. 30 J
D. 0.02 J

The escape velocity form the earth surface in km S-1 is____________________?

A. 4.2 km S-1
B. 7.5 km S-1
C. 9.5 km S-1
D. 1.1 km S-1

If moon radius is 1600 km and g on its surface is 1.6 ms-2 then the escape velocity on the moon is ___________________?

A. 1600 ms-1
B. 50.6 ms-1
C. 71.6 ms-1
D. 2263ms-1

When arrow is released form its bow, its energy is transformed from _____________________?

A. heat energy to K.E
B. elastic P.E to K.E
C. elemical energy to elastic P.E
D. K.E to elastic P.E.

The work done by friction is__________________?

A. positive
B. negative
C. zero
D. none of these

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