Antonyms MCQs Section 1

Antonyms Mcqs and Quiz for test preparation

Select the word which is the exact OPPOSITE of the given words. An antonym is a word that is the opposite meaning of another. It comes from the Greek words ‘anti’ for opposite and ‘onym’ for name.

Antonym of FALLACIOUS is _____________?

A. Credit
B. Clean
C. Truthful
D. Dishonest

Antonym of FOREMOST is _____________? 

A. Unimportant
B. Hindmost
C. Disposed
D. Mature

Antonym of QUIESCENT is _____________?

A. Asleep
B. Active
C. Deactivated
D. Fallow

Antonym of ELATED is _____________?

A. Roused
B. Blissful
C. Sad
D. Happy

Antonym of DENIGRATE is _____________? 

A. Asperse
B. Besmirch
C. Boost
D. Vilify

The antonyms of Stale is____________?

A. Old
B. Fresh
C. Tale
D. Break

The antonym of Mammoth is___________? 

A. Big
B. Giant
C. Small
D. Low

Antonym of Elastic is _____________? 

A. Yielding
B. Rigid
C. Mold-able
D. Supple

Antonym of TACITURN is _____________? 

A. Judge
B. Garrulous
C. Immense
D. Silent

Antonym of SINGULAR is _____________?

A. Common
B. Social
C. Dull
D. Ancient

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