Chemistry MCQS

Chemistry Mcqs for Test Preparation from Basic to Advance. Chemistry Mcqs are from the different sections of Chemistry Subject. Here you will find Mcqs of Chemistry from Basic to Advance. Which will help you to get higher marks in Chemistry portion of test. These Mcqs are useful for students and job seekers i.e MCAT ECAT ETEA test preparation, PPSC Test, FPSC Test, SPSC Test, KPPSC Test,BPSC Test, PTS ,OTS,GTS,JTS,CTS.

1 mole of electron has mass in microgram_________________?

A. 1.008 x 10-3
B. 5.5 x 10-4
C. 1.84 x 10-4
D. 1.673 x 10-3

The use of antifreeze in the automobile radiator is an important application of__________________?

A. constitutive property
B. additive property
C. colligative property
D. intrinsic property

At which electrode the reduction of the solution is occurring in Al-Ag cell_____________?

A. A
B. Ag
C. Both
D. Neither

In which of the following type of reactions energy of reactant is greater than energy of product________________?

A. endothermic
B. exothermic
C. unpredictable
D. same

Which of following metals can be displaced by all other metals from its solution ?

A. Ag
B. A
C. Au
D. Cu

Which of the elements do not fall in stair case of the modern periodic table__________________?

A. Si
B. As
C. Te
D. None of the above

Across short period the melting and boiling point increase upto __________________?

A. IIIA group
B. IVA group
C. VA group
D. VIA group

Which of the following is the formula of chrome red ?

A. Pb3 O4
B. 2Pb CO3 – Pb (OH)2
C. Pb Cr O4 – Pb (OH)2
D. Pb2O

Regular coiling or zigzagging of polypeptide through hydrogen bonding is its___________________?

A. Quantum structure
B. Secondary structure
C. Tertiary structure
D. Primary structure

In the van der Waals equation (P + n2a / v2) (v – nb) = nRT which of the following statement is not true ?

A. n2a/v correct for the intermolecular forces.
B. nb correct for the volume occupied by gas molecules.
C. at high densities the equation reduces to the ideal gas law
D. all of the above statements are correct.

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