Biology MCQs

Biology Mcqs are from the different sections of Biology. which will help the students to get higher marks in biology subject. students can prepare for Medical Entry Test from our topic wise Multiple Choice question of Biology. These Mcqs will Help you to get higher marks especially in Biology Mcqs portion of test. These Mcqs are useful for students and job seekers i.e MCAT ECAT ETEA test preparation, PPSC Test, FPSC Test, SPSC Test, KPPSC Test, BPSC Test, PTS, OTS, GTS, JTS, CTS, NTS.

Protein factory is___________?

A. nucleus
B. ribosome
C. golgi complex
D. centriole

What is the mode of transmission of Hepatitis virus?

A. Aerosol
B. Parentral (via blood)
C. Skin penetration
D. Unknown

Smallest disease causing agents in plants are ?

A. virion
B. mycoplasma
C. viroids
D. prions

Which disease can be controlled by vaccination?

A. Measles
B. Cancer
C. Diabetes
D. Heart attack

The major cell infected by the HIV is lymphocyte ?

A. helper-T
B. B
C. both T and B
D. none of these

Vaccine was first developed by_______________?

A. Louis Pasture
B. Edward Jenner
C. Jaber Ibn Hayan
D. Aristotle

Pigment present in red algae is_____________?

A. fucoxanthin
B. phycocyanin
C. phycoerythrin
D. bilirubin

Which disease has been totally eradicated from the world because of effective vaccination?

A. Measles
B. Polio
C. Smallpox
D. Hepatitis

Nutrition in fungi is___________?

A. Photosynthetic
B. Chemosynthetic
C. Completely parasitic
D. Absorptive heterotrophs

Which of the following statement is incorrect about antibiotics?

A. They are used against microorganisms
B. They are always effective against bacteria
C. They are used in diseases like tuberculosis and pneumonia
D. They are derived from bacteria only

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