Biology MCQs

Biology Mcqs are from the different sections of Biology. which will help the students to get higher marks in biology subject. students can prepare for Medical Entry Test from our topic wise Multiple Choice question of Biology. These Mcqs will Help you to get higher marks especially in Biology Mcqs portion of test. These Mcqs are useful for students and job seekers i.e MCAT ECAT ETEA test preparation, PPSC Test, FPSC Test, SPSC Test, KPPSC Test, BPSC Test, PTS, OTS, GTS, JTS, CTS, NTS.

Which one of them is a micro-molecule?

A. Polysaccharide
B. Protein
C. Hemoglobin

A structure formed by groups of similar cells organized into loose sheets or bundles performing similar functions is called as:

A. An organ
B. An organism
C. A Tissue
D. A Cell

Haemodialysis means cleaning of____________?

A. Urine
B. Blood
C. Glomerular filterate
D. Coelomic fluid

In animals coordination is achieved by means of?

A. Nervous system
B. Endocrine system
C. Respiratory system
D. Both A and B

Production of sweat and sebum is related with ?

A. Skin
B. Liver
C. Lungs

Group of living organisms of the same species living in the same place at the same time is called ?

A. Community
B. Population
C. Ecosystem
D. Biome

The evaporative cooling in the respiratory tract of dogs is called?

A. Vasodilation
B. Vasoconstriction
C. Panting
D. All of these

Different species of plants and animals living in the same habitat is called?

A. Population
B. Community
C. Biome
D. Habitat

Which of the following pathogen type cause disease that can be treated with antibiotics ?

A. bacteria
B. fungi
C. virus
D. none of these

A large regional community primarily determined by climate is called ?

A. Population
B. Community
C. Biome
D. Habitat

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